Team RT11

Together, we can achieve what we could only dream about individually.

Julian Kasznia

Team leader

Motivates, supervises, coordinates and ensures that the work of the entire team will bring success at Formula Student competitions.

Michał Amborski

Leader in marketing and management

He makes sure that everyone hears about the hard work and successes of PWR Racing Team. He is responsible for organizing events, contacts with partners, PR and preparing a business presentation, which is one of the static competitions at the Student Formula competition.


Department of Marketing & Management is responsible for the visual identification of the team, coordinating events and supervising the project schedule. 
M&M also prepares the Cost Report and Business Presentation, which are one out of three static competitions. Furthermore, a very important task of the department is to keep in touch with the partners and media.

Michał Amborski
Marketing&Management Team Leader
Mikołaj Kamiński
Business presentation manager


Members of Powertrain department are responsible for the proper work of the drive unit in the car. They devote many hours to the modification of the Honda CBR600 engine, spending a lot of their time in the engine dynamometer.

Patryk Rubin
Powertrain Team Leader
Karola Kurczewska
Cooling system engineer
Jakub Czaplicki
Exhaust system engineer
Kacper Markiewicz
Intake system engineer
Marcel Byndas
Engine developement engineer
Kuba Łopacki
Engine developement engineer


Suspension department deals with the adjustment of the suspension to the forces affecting the car. 
Proper optimisation and overload tests guarantee successes in Skid Pad competition, where the car has to go through a narrow track in the shape of 8 as fast as possible. Suspension department members are also in charge of braking system.

Kuba Koperski
Suspension Team Leader
Kamil Kotów
Anti-roll bars design engineer / Vehicle dynamics
Bartosz Wojciechowski
Uprights design engineer
Wojciech Pliński
Pushrod&rocker system design engineer
Klaudia Sobota
Steering system design engineer


This department with the assistance of Urbas Composites company prepares the supporting structure of the car. The monocoque is a carbon fiber structure with a core of honeycomb look. Thanks to this modern technology a significant weight reduction is possible. Moreover, Chassis department is also in chargé of performing strength calculations, optimisation of mass, improving ergonomics and driver safety.

Tomasz Gybej
Chassis Team Leader
Mateusz Lepianka
Monococcal constructor
Andrzej Biler
Driver's ergonomics
Filip Żytkiewicz
Monocoque engineer


Aero is a new section in the team. Development of this department is a natural step in the evolution of PWR Racing Team over the years. Since 2015 members of this department have been involved in the construction of aerodynamic package, which was implemented for the first time in the RT07 car.

Oskar Wengrzyn
Aerodynamics Team Leader
Kuba Kubera
Brake cooling engineer
Kuba Kopeć
Sidepods engineer


Electronics department was founded in 2016 and is the youngest department in our team. Deals with the construction of wire harness system, telemetry and data acquisition and display for the driver.

Miłosz Zdun
Electronics Team Leader
Marcel Dudek
Software developer
Szymon Zajda
Electronics engineer


Drivers Racing driver – dream of every young kid. Proper physical and psychophysical preparation makes our drivers ready to sit behind steering wheel of bolide and lead team to victory during the competition on biggest worldwide F1 tracks. Thanks to their skills and courage we are able to achieve big success such as 3.2s -100hm/h

Jakub Kubera
Dawid Skalny
Jakub Koperski
Kamil Kotów
Marcel Dudek