Team RT08

Together we can achieve what one could only dream of.

Jędrzej Piasecki

Team leader

Motivates, supervises, coordinates and ensures that the work of the whole team will be successful during the Formula Student competitions.

Student of second year master’s degree of Automotive Engineering at the faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Miłosz Tokarski

Technical Leader

Puts the ideas and creative solutions on the right track. Effect? The team created one of the best Formula Student cars in the world.

Student of second year master’s degree of Mechanical Engineering at the faculty od Mechanical Engineering.

Magdalena Klimek

Marketing & Management Leader

Ensures that everyone hears about the hard work of PWR Racing Team. She is also responsible for the events organization, contacts with our partners and building the team’s brand image.

Magda is a student of University of Economics in Wroclaw, where she studies Economics on second year of graduate studies.


Department of Marketing & Management is responsible for the visual identification of the team, coordinating events and supervising the project schedule.

M&M also prepares the Cost Report and Business Presentation, which are one out of three static competitions. Furthermore, a very important task of the department is to keep in touch with the partners and media.

Magdalena Klimek
Marketing&Management Team Leader
Anna Mycek
Business Presentation manager
Joanna Dąbrowska
Business Presentation manager
Konrad Żołyński
Logistics specialist
Maciej Krzywoszyński
Sponsors specialist
Magdalena Ziaja
Sponsors specialist
Natalia Trojanowska
Social Media
Dominik Rząsa
Daniel Krzewiński
Paweł Ledwig
Camera operator
Konrad Parasiński
Graphic Designer
Jakub Orasiński
Graphic Designer


Members of Powertrain department are responsible for the proper work of the drive unit in the car. They devote many hours to the modification of the Honda CBR600 engine, spending a lot of their time in the engine dynamometer.

Mariusz Budkiewicz
Powertrain Team Leader
Jędrzej Piasecki
Cooling system constructor
Mateusz Gandyk
CFD simulations
Kacper Janusz
Intake system constructor
Wojciech Ludziak
Drivetrain constructor
Karola Kurczewska
Cooling system constructor
Tomasz Lejczak
Drivetrain constructor
Michał Chwaściński
Fuel system constructor
Dawid Skalny
Exhaust constructor


Suspension department deals with the adjustment of the suspension to the forces affecting the car. 
Proper optimisation and overload tests guarantee successes in Skid Pad competition, where the car has to go through a narrow track in the shape of 8 as fast as possible. Suspension department members are also in chargé of braking system.

Mateusz Salatycki
Suspension Team Leader
Bartosz Matuszewski
Leader of dynamics division
Marcin Tujek
Pushrod system constructor
Mariusz Wesołowski
Brake system constructor
Bartosz Sobczak
Uprights constructor
Kamil Kotów
Anti-roll bar constructor
Adrian Tarnowski
Wishbones constructor
Adam Grabias
Pedalbox constructor
Michał Krasowski
Uprights constructor
Michał Cieślak
Tires dynamics


This department with the assistance of Urbas Composites company prepares the supporting structure of the car. The monocoque is a carbon fiber structure with a core of honeycomb look. Thanks to this modern technology a significant weight reduction is possible. Moreover, Chassis department is also in chargé of performing strength calculations, optimisation of mass, improving ergonomics and driver safety.

Kamil Połowczuk
Chassis Team Leader
Magdalena Miś
Chassis Team Leader
Marek Szweda
Chassis Team Leader
Michał Kubiszewski
Frame constructor
Wiktoria Wyschka
Impact attenuator constructor
Zuzanna Jamroz
Driver ergonomics
Cezary Goral
Monocoque constructor
Michał Rossa
Frame constructor
Marcin Lech
Driver ergonomics


Aero is a new section in the team. Development of this department is a natural step in the evolution of PWR Racing Team over the years. Since 2015 members of this department have been involved in the construction of aerodynamic package, which was implemented for the first time in the RT07 car.

Filip Szwedo
Aerodynamics Team Leader
Ernest Sawicki
Department manager
Przemysław Kałuża
Front wing constructor
Maciej Repelowski
Rear wing constructor
Jakub Mirosławski
Underbody constructor
Robert Rauch
Radiator tunel constructor
Łukasz Spyt
Brake cooling constructor


Electronics department was founded in 2016 and is the youngest department in our team.
Deals with the construction of wire harness system, telemetry and data acquisition and display for the driver.

Grzegorz Jaworecki
Electronics Team Leader
Aleksandra Jamroz
Pneumatic system constructor
Michał Skupień
Electronic systems designer
Marek Rychłowski
Electronic systems designer
Jan Władyka
Wiring system designer


Racing driver – the dream of every little boy 🙂
In PWR Racing Team we train seven drivers, but only four of them will sit behind the wheel of the car during the competitions on the world’s biggest Formula 1 circuits.

Damian Lempart
Test driver
Jędrzej Piasecki
Autocross, Endurance
Jakub Orasiński
Autocross, Endurance
Kamil Połowczuk
Acceleration, SkidPad