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PWR Racing Team is a team of students from the Technical University of Wroclaw, which since 2009 share a common goal – to build the car and start racing in international Formula Student competition. In every season we design and build a new car, improving individual elements. So far in our garage we already have six models.

Competition Formula Student is not just a competition for engineers and managers so we are happy to work with other universities in Wroclaw. The history of our group dates back to 2009. When it turned up at Silverstone with a virtual project RT-09. A year later, we presented the first car built by us – RT-01. The following years gaining experience allowed us to complete the first Endurance race in the season 2013. From that moment we decided to redefine our strategy and resist further projects on best practices. We have created a great base for the development, on which successive members will build success.


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Formula Student is an initiative that was born in 1978. As a result of joint discussions at the University of Houston of Dr. Kurt M.Marshek’s with the SAE International organization.
The main objective of the project is the organization of competitions for students, where each of the teams has to build their own car in order to use it in the race. The first competition took place in 1981 in Austin under the auspices of the University of Texas.

Formula Student was created to develop innovative automotive solutions already during the learning process of young engineers. Currently its role is shown by the statement of Ross Brawn, the patron of Formula Student from IMechE and also a former member of Mercedes Formula 1 team: „There are two really innovative forms of motorsport left: Formula One and Formula Student”.
Nowadays, the most prestigious competitions organized by SAE International take place in Texas and California. Over the years new editions were created on other continents under the license from FSAE, among others:

  • Japan(2003)
  • Brazil(2004)
  • Australia & Asia(2000)

Among the European editions of the Formula Student, these the most famous are held in:

  • United Kingdom(1998), where responsibility of organization has the prestigious institution bringing together engineers- IMechE.
  • Germany(2006)
  • Italy(2005)
  • Austria(2009)

The spirit of the competition, however, lies not only in the race, which is more like the culmination of the team work, but mainly in the design and construction work carried out during the whole year by teams from all over the world. The competition is divided into, so called, static and dynamic events that give a pool of 1000 points to earn.

Static competitions:

  • Engineering Design (150 pts) – presentation of the conceptual and technological solutions,
  • Cost & Sustainability Analysis (100 pts) – an estimated value of the car based on the maximum reduction in money spent,
  • Business Presentation (75 pts) – the concept of implementation of the car on the market on a big scale.

Dynamic competitions are divided into:

  • Endurance  (300 pts) – racing the 22 kilometers track with the driver change in the middle of the,
  • Autocross (150 pts) – time attack, every driver is entitled to two runs,
  • Efficiency (100 pts) – fuel consumption during the race,
  • Acceleration (75 pts) – accelerating the car on a straight 75m section,
  • Skidpad (50 pts) – test of the car’s grip on a slippery corners.

Formula Student competitions are kind of arena of struggle for young engineers. In the world’s Mazur Events ranking is listed 528 teams, of which the top five teams are:

GFR DHBW Ravensburg & Oregon State University

Tallinn TU UAS EE

Monash University

University of Florida

Université Laval

PWR Racing Team occupies the 152 place. 


RT-05 – the car took part in the FSAE Michigan 2015 in United States, FS United Kingdom, FS Germany and FS Hungary.
RT-06 – the car took part in FS Czech Republic 2015.

FS United Kingdom 2015
3rd place – Acceleration
11th place – Autocross
15th place – Business Presentation
9th place in general classification

The number of participating teams – 96

FSAE Michigan 2015
2nd place – Powertrain Development
5th place – Acceleration
10th place – Endurance
9th place in general classification

The number of participating teams – 108

FS Germany 2015
5th place – Acceleration
9th place – Endurance
10th place in general classification

The number of participating teams – 71

FS Hungary 2015
7th place – Acceleration
8th place – Endurance
11th place – Cost Report
13th place in general classification

The number of participating teams – 42

FS Czech Republic 2015
3rd place – Design Event (148 out of 150 points)
(for 40 participating teams)

14th place – Business Presentation
15th place – Cost Report


RT-05 – the car took part in FS Italy 2014 and FS Czech Republic 2014.

FS Italy 2014
2nd place – Acceleration
11th place in general classification


RT-04 – the car took part in FS United Kingdom 2013, FS Austria 2013 and FS Czech Republic 2013.


RT-03 – the car took part in FS Hungary 2012 and FS Germany 2012.


RT-02 – the car took part in FS United Kingdom 2011 and FS Germany 2011.


RT-01 – the car took part in FS United Kingdom 2010 and FS Germany 2010.


RT-09 – the project was presented in third class of competition during the FS United Kingdom 2009.